Art and Architecture Lectures and Tours

Corporate Walks

I organise bespoke walks for companies, organisations, clubs and societies.
I also arrange private tours for family groups and friends. For information and prices, please
contact me.

Foreign and UK visitors to London.

These walks have been very popular with companies who wish to show off London to visiting colleagues and clients. A 90 minute walk is a great way for guests to understand why the city is so important, and they are always impressed with the rich heritage.

Orientation for staff.
These walks were originally designed for new staff, but it quickly became apparent that people who have worked in London for years had surprisingly little knowledge about the city. An orientation walk is not only a good way for staff to get out and talk to each other, but learning about their surroundings can really enrich the experience of working in the city. So many of us are in a rush when we are out of the office that we miss the fantastic treasures which are all around and above us.

Team events.
Walks are a pleasant way to get to know other people. As we stroll between stops it seems so natural for everyone to chat to each other. Some walks arespecially designed to get teams working together and if they are combined with a short team quiz at the end (maybe in one of London’s famous taverns) it can be great fun.

Walk to dinner the long way round.
Entertaining guests for lunch or dinner can be a much more memorable experience if they are guided to the venue through the maze of London alleyways and told stories about the city on the way. An hour or so walking will also improve the appetite!

Local Societies.
Many clubs and societies around the country arrange trips to London, and a bespoke tour of London is a wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon. There is such a huge variety of sights that it is usually not difficult to tailor make a tour to fit a specific theme. Not only history, but subjects like public art, business, shopping, the legal world, religion, architecture, famous people, literature, music and food can all be the subjects of a walk.